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All services and products aim to reduce the electricity costs of our customers with low upfront costs, while having a fast return of investment. We highly value transparency and data-driven decision processes and therefore equip all power factor improvement and demand management systems with load analysers. To offer our customer the best solutions to produce their own electricity, we operate an alternative energy platform. The platform provides clients with high-quality proposals specifically customised to their particular needs.

Our experience

Our in-depth understanding of billing mechanisms, consumer needs and the technical opportunities enables us to offer our customers fast and significant savings on their electricity costs.


To help customers save operational costs on electricity and increase the transparency and quality in the renewable energy market.


Our goal is provide West African companies with a globally competitive electricity environment by the means of renewable energies and smart data collection. 


Our solutions make companies save money on their electricity bills.

The product and service portfolio is tailored to the Ghanian needs and ensures minimal electricity costs.


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